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6 reasons why the content on your website is so important

6 reasons why the content on your website is so important

Alternatively titled
Would you like a passive stream of clients?

Alternatively titled
Would you like a passive stream of clients?


It helps to grow your business

A website with quality written content is the most effective way to promote your business.

Website copy attracts new clients & retains repeat buyers without having to do anything further
– and this means a passive stream of clients.

Well-written copy converts clients whilst they are engaged on your site.
This is achieved by guiding readers through their stage of solution awareness and giving them
clear opportunities to
take action. This is why it’s important to have quality content that works hard for you.

The internet offers the biggest audience in the world.
You need a presence and you need to present a professional image.
You need to offer solutions to your customers, and you need to make it easy for them to connect with you.

1 %

of people research a company online before making a purchase

Source: Blue Corona

1 %

 of Australians shop online


Source: Statista

1 %
of smartphone users have
contacted a business
directly using search results

Source: Think with Google

It makes Google happy

Google LOVES quality content, particularly well-written copy with substance and video content.

It also loves SEO, user-friendly design, consistent content publishing, internal links, quick load times stable pages & security.
But it’s quality content that the algorithm is looking for and prioritising.
Important changes to Google’s search algorithm rolled out in May 2021 that you can’t afford to ignore (click to read article).

Video content on a website improves experience signals and these are super important for Google search rankings.
Video is also an excellent way to increase the amount of time that an audience will spend engaged on your website.

The power of video content

1 %

of people say branded video content has convinced them
to buy a product or service

Source: Wyzowl 2021

1 %

of all internet traffic
is online video

Source: Cisco 2021


1 %

of video marketers say video has driven more traffic to their websites.
And 84% say it has helped them generate leads

Source: Wyzowl 2021

In addition to helping with search rank, your website content is quite simply the most effective way to tell Google what you do and who you are.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Quality written content is SEO – not just the keywords used inside the content, but the actual content itself
is analysed by Google when determining search rankings.

Google’s algorithm uses syntactic analysis to understand the meaning of sentences, so the copy has to be clear,
for both Google and your readers. Poor sentence structure negatively impacts SEO
and forced keyword placement makes copy hard to read.

Well-written content turns typically robotic, clunky keywords & keyphrases into engaging copy with balanced SEO.
It includes the voice of the customer which is important as this is a tool used to relate to the
target audience by reflecting the language that they use.

Including these elements in the copy helps to connect with the reader in a genuine way and improve website search rankings.

In short, substance will always trump style.
Some sites will outrank others that have a better experience if they publish the best content/information. Having a great page experience will not mask the fact that your content sucks. Your content has to be relevant and good.
That means you still need to be creating content that answers the most pressing questions of your buyers and making that information easily found on your website.

Internal links

Strategic copy includes the use of internal links.
These links guide the reader to further information and eventually to take action.

In addition to this, internal links are looked upon favourably by Google,
as they make for a better user experience and encourage multiple page views.

It connects you with your audience

The whole point of a website is to tell the right customer that you have the right solution for them.
It helps your customers to help themselves.

It makes it easy for them to purchase from you, connect with your brand and learn about your offering.
Good content invites conversation and gives opportunities to take action.

It builds trust & authority

Website content and blog articles are a brilliant way to show off your expertise and experience,
create credibility and become a trusted voice in your industry.

Quality content means that you are being represented in the best possible way you can be.
It means that you can be confident in your reputation and the first impressions that you are making.

It establishes your brand & market presence

Top quality content marketing is consistent across all channels; it has a recognisable tone & cadence.
This helps to solidify your brand, build trust with your audience and establish you as an industry leader.

The power of quality written blog articles

1 %

of B2C marketers identify blog content as
a top performer

(in last 12 months)
of their content strategy

Source: Content Marketing Institute 2020

1 %

of B2C marketers use an organisation’s blog as their
top organic content
distribution channel

Source: Content Marketing Institute 2020


1 %

of companies that have a content marketing strategy leverage blogging

Source: HubSpot 2021

It’s a sound investment

Content marketing should be part of any robust marketing plan, not only because it is a genuine way
to connect with an audience, but because it offers such good value.

This is due to website copy longevity and evergreen article content.

Websites don’t need to be rewritten very often; well-written and relevant blog articles don’t need to be
rewritten again to keep appearing in searches. Quality content works hard for you.
An investment in content provides a stream of passive clients and it gives you back time to focus on your business.

Quality website content, blog articles and video are shareable multi-platform content
that can be used across all of your social media channels.
Not only does this provide a consistent brand message but it offers great value,
with the content being utilised in several different ways.

Direct email marketing also sees a large return with every $1 spent on email marketing returning $32 (Source: Litmus 2021)

Email marketing – return on investment by industry:

Media, publishing, events, sports, & entertainment: 32:1
Software & technology: 36:1
Marketing, PR, & advertising agency: 42:1
Retail, e-commerce, & consumer goods: 45:1

(Source: Litmus 2021)


As a writer I am obviously going to argue that the content on your website is the most important thing.
Design, user experience and SEO are of course essential, but I emphasise the point that
it is the content that drives engagement; retains repeat buyers; draws a reader to action; CONVERTS.

It’s all very well to have killer design and top SEO, but if your content is – generic, hard to read, too short or non-existent –
then you are missing the TOOL that converts readers to buyers – you are missing the point of having a website.

Want a hand with writing your website content, blog articles, video scripts or direct emails?

Well-crafted, original content can take a while to research & refine,
and this takes up time that could be spent on what you do best – running your business.

If you’d like someone else to save you the time of writing your blog articles or website content,
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