Not sure how creating content works?
No worries – below is a breakdown of the process when you work with a content writer
If you want more detail or something isn’t clear, feel free to contact me
– remember, there are no silly questions

We have a chat about your project and budget, I’ll get a few basic details and you can ask me questions too.
After our intro chat, if you would like a quote, we’ll then complete a starting brief where I gather all of the detail about your project – this helps me come back to you with a quote for consideration that accurately captures the project details and proposed fee.
There is no cost to you at this stage.


l send you a proposal that details the project objectives, scope, timeline, total cost, the project process and what services are included in my fee. Once you’ve received my proposal and if you are happy to proceed, I’ll get you to approve the quote and pay the commencement fee (50% of the total project cost).


We have a detailed briefing call (or Zoom meeting – this is your preference) to discuss the project in detail before I start researching or writing.
We will confirm deadlines and milestones, you can share any existing content or business collateral that you already have and we can confirm anything else important before kick-off.


I’ll spend time researching your industry, keywords & competitors.
I’ll also read your existing content and business collateral. I’ll write your content and check in with you pretty early on to see if I’ve got the tone/approach right.
Once we’ve fine-tuned the approach, voice & style I’ll then continue creating the rest of the content.
If it is website content I’ll put it into a deck – this helps to make the formatting instructions clear for you or your website designer when you copy the content onto your website.


It’s important for me to point out that there will be your own time required to review the content at each draft stage. This is something we factor into the milestones/deadline and something I have processes set up for and will support you with – I’ll be around for discussions/Zoom calls and to help with amends – but it is worth planning ahead to ensure you have time put aside to review content.
Although it’s not a particularly onerous task, if there is a delay in the review process this may impact the original project timeline.
Upon approval of the final draft, the content then will be proofread.

See the writing & review process


When the project is finished you will receive the content, the final invoice and also the End of Project Sign Off document. The project sign off is how I formally transfer the Copyright and IP licence to you i.e. you legally own the content and the rights to publish it in your name.

A lot less than using a marketing agency

(This is my little intro spiel… just scroll below for the prices for all of my services.)

The advantage of being an independent content writer is that you pay for the words I write, not fancy office space with pinball machines and waffle makers (or wafflers).

I charge per project, not by the hour, that way you know how much your content will cost.
The total amount includes the time spent briefing, researching, writing, editing and proofreading your content.

Scared to talk money or not sure if your budget is enough?

Get in contact, let’s have a chat – it’s not scary I promise.

If you have a limited budget we can always split a project into phases to make it more affordable. Or we can adjust the project scope.

If you have bits and pieces that you want to be written or edited as you need, we can talk about a retainer agreement – this is where you pay for a certain number of hours each month and you can use that time towards whatever you wish. (This is great for ongoing things like small edits to content or quick social post creation.)

Written content is an investment

Words that work hard for you result in a positive ROI, they also increase new & repeat business.

Please note the following payment terms:

  • Projects >$500 = require commencement fee (50% of total project cost) to be paid upon proposal acceptance.
  • Projects <$500 = require full project cost to be paid upon proposal acceptance.
  • All prices are GST free

Website content

300 words $285 per page
400 words $380 per page
500 words $475 per page
600 words $570 per page
700 words $665 per page
800 words $760 per page

Webpage content tune-up

$150 – $250 per page
$500 – $1000 per site

Website packs

3 pages $1140 per pack
5 pages $1860 per pack

Click here to see what is included in the prices for website content

Article & blog post content

400 words $260 per article
500 words $275 per article
600 words $330 per article
700 words $385 per article
800 words $440 per article
1000 words $550 per article
1500 – 2000 words from $825

Article or blog post refresh

300-500 word refresh $150 per post
501-799 word refresh $225 per post
800-1000 word refresh $300 per post

Blog packs

3 blogs $765 per pack
Fortnightly blog $500 per month

Blog refresh

300-500 words $150 per post
501-799 words $225 per post
800-1000 words $300 per post

Click here to see what is included in the prices for article & blog content

Product descriptions

300 words $290
400 words $390
500 words $490
600 words $590
700 words $690
800 words $790

Click here to see what is included in the prices for product descriptions

Video Scripts

60 seconds from $300
90 seconds from $450
120 seconds from $600

Click here to see what is included in the prices for video scripts

Email auto-responder series

4 x 400 words from $1200

Click here to see what is included in the price for email auto-responders

Website audit

1-hour express consult $160

Click here to see further info on website audits

Starter pack

Starter pack $980
Click here to see further info

Social media content planning

Priced per project – contact me for a proposal tailored specifically for your content project.

  • We have a detailed initial consultation
  • We define a clear project scope
  • I work with you to take a detailed project brief
  • We use the processes I have in place as we review, edit and refine the copy
  • We do two rounds of amends to refine the content
  • You get final say on the direction, tone and style of the content

You will be heard.

Together we complete a detailed project brief to make sure we are on the same page and that I am clear on what you want.

As far as I’m a professional writer bringing skill-set to the table (and advising on content creation, design & strategy) you are still the project owner and have the final say on direction/tone of voice/final edits.

I work with you to make sure the copy will be what you ordered.

Not long.

I like to keep things simple, clear and organised.
I have processes in place to make it easy for us to start, review and complete the project.
We will confirm project milestone dates so that we are clear with our deadline.

How long a project takes to complete depends on a few things like:
  • how familiar I am with the topic
  • how well I know your industry
  • how clear your project brief is
  • how much existing content you have
  • how much research needs to be done
  • how timely & clear your revisions are 
  • how much content you want to be written

As a degree qualified writer I am trained to communicate in a range of ways and these wordsmith skills I use to create your content. As an independent writer, I get the opportunity to write for a variety of different industries and business sizes and this experience I bring to your project.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts – Communication (Writing) from Monash University. I craft inclusive & engaging content using years of experience and can easily flex between formal and informal tone.
I can attract and speak directly to your target audience, be relatable without being cliché and present your brand and business the way you intended to.

I hold a Certificate IV in Business Management. As an experienced small business owner and C-level Executive Assistant, I know how to keep organised. I have processes in place to make it easy for us to start, review and complete each project. This saves you a lot of time and hassle.

I am Melbourne born, raised & local and a native English speaker. My content is 100% Aussie made.
When you work with me, your project will not be passed on to a random freelancer and my writing is not outsourced overseas. This means you can feel good about supporting Aussie made content.
It also means no delay in communication, that you will always know who you will be working with, and that you will get quality wordsmithing.

In addition to writing content I can also help you identify your target audience, brand archetype & tone of voice; help hone the positioning & perception of your brand; and conduct competitor research & keyword research.

🗸 I am organised, efficient, and disciplined
🗸 I know how to keep us on track to hit deadlines
🗸 I can manage your project from concept to completion
🗸 I make it easy to edit and finalise the content

How I work

What is content writing?


These are the words that educate and inform, tell your story, build your brand personality & connect with your reader.
These are the words around your ‘salesey’ bits.
Content writing is where a wordsmith excels in creating words that invite the reader to stay a little longer.
It is detailed, includes story telling elements, explains or explores something, interests & inspires.

What is copywriting?


These are the words that encourage action, they are specifically written to sell your service or product.
These words are the ‘salesey’ bits.
Copywriting techniques are used typically for a product & sales pages, service pages and brochures.
The copy is optimised for commercial intent; is urgent & persuasive; it compels a reader to purchase in a more direct way. Copywriting techniques are also used to create ‘call to action’ prompts throughout your site.

What is copy?


Copy is written text that is to be printed (published), or text that is intended to help with the sale of a product.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about the quality of the written content (this is where investing in tailored content written by a professional writer pays off).
Trained wordsmiths naturally weave specific keywords and phrases into the copy to help with SEO
& website search rankings.
Google’s algorithms use syntactic analysis to understand the meaning of sentences, so the copy has to be clear, for both Google and your readers. Poor sentence structure negatively impacts your SEO and forced keyword placement ruins quality content.

As a trained writer I take typically robotic, clunky keywords & keyphrases and turn them into engaging copy with balanced SEO.


VOC research is essential for results driven copywriting.
A writer starts by figuring out who they are writing to and what it is they need solved.
VOC research gleans important insights into the thoughts and words customers have and use.
This language and information is assessed and incorporated into the copy.
This results in content that speaks to the right client about solving their exact problem and helps to identify what objections or hesitation your customer type may have that is stopping them from purchasing.

Got a specific question or a unique content idea?

Give me a call, I’m happy to chat.


Now you can get a quote and book in your project with one easy call

No risk
No obligation
Let’s have a chat about your content idea

Ready to publish, tailored content that is easy to create, delivered on time and converts your reader to buy


Website Content

Content writing, Copywriting, SEO & VOC research

Article and Blog Content

Original long and short form sharable content

Product Descriptions

Customised words that have an impact and sell

Email Auto Responders

Engaging strategic communication, direct to reader

Video Scripts

Connect with your audience and improve your SEO

More Writing Services

Business content, fiction and a whole lot more


Be in control – without the stress of managing your content project

How do we approach a content project without getting freaked out over the complexity & detail?

Easy. It comes down to process.
Which I have in place for us to follow.

This creates a stress free way to write, edit, review, approve and complete your project.
And that means less time spent on revisions, resulting in copy that is what you asked for.

The Content Project Process
6 easy steps to manage your content project
The Writing & Review Process
4 easy steps to create your content


Why you can trust me with your content

Because I’m a professionally qualified writer – sounds a bit fancy maybe –
but one of the things that separates me from the other writers in town is my bachelor’s degree in Communication & Writing.

The years spent studying the art of communication armed me with wordsmith and interpersonal skills that have seen me writing content over the past 15 years for small business owners, creatives, corporates, start-ups and entrepreneurs

As a content writer my skill set includes copywriting, SEO & Voice of Customer research.

I create original copy that helps generate new leads, grows your business and speaks to the right customer. All with a minimum of fuss.

My super special skill is the ability to synthesise information – seeing not only the big picture but being able to drill down to the essential core message.

I am a native English speaker and hold the following credentials:

Bachelor of Arts – Communication (Writing) Monash University
Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management) Holmesglen Institute

Kim Harper Content Writer


Recommendations on LinkedIn

Screen Shot 2022 07 29 at 13.27.43
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LinkedIn Edu and awards
Kim is such a pleasure to work with.
She is professional, reliable and creative in her approach.
She is super responsive and her upbeat personality and positivity is in equal parts refreshing and engaging.
Kim makes it easy for designers and developers to understand the content formatting, which makes it quick and simple to accurately incorporate the words into the web design.
This helps reduce cost and errors - as it takes less time for developers to add or change page copy and it means the end result looks like it should.

You need quality content that is ready to use
You need a writer that can nail your tone of voice
You want to work with a skilled professional

You need quality content that is ready to use

You need a writer that can
nail your tone of voice

You want to work with a
skilled professional

As a degree qualified writer I can...

Attract & speak directly to your target audience

making it easy for clients to connect with you

Be relatable without being cliché

by creating authentic content in your voice

Present your business the way you intended to

with content that reflects your vision & values, clearly communicating who you are and highlighting your expertise

Kim helped me out with my Instagram posts.
I am a creative artist just starting out and she helped me get my work in front of the right people. Increasing my exposure is helping to grow my business.
Kim has helped improve our internal communications
and has successfully delivered several great issues
of our employee magazine.

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